Church Planters in Paraguay since 2005

REaching souls for Christ on the streets of Paraguay

Preaching forgiveness for all sinners who come to the cross of Christ throughout Paraguay

Loving people where they are for Christ

Giving hope through the Gospel

Jesus came to forgive and to save all men

Souls saved on the streets

There is no sin that Christ cannot forgive. Jesus loves everyone.

Bro Catalino testimony about Salvation and the Wilps family

Listen to Catalino from Paraguay talk about Bro Mike Wilps lead him to Christ on the street and how Paraguay needs Christ and the Wilps family to come and preach the Gospel.

Souls saved in Paraguay

Pastor Nelson Gimenez of the Bible Baptist church of Luque Paraguay.

Please help support this soul winning ministry to Paraguay.

Michael Wilps and his family sold all they had to go to Paraguay South America to win souls for Jesus Christ in the year 2005

Hundreds of souls have heard the Gospel preached and have received Christ as Saviour in Paraguay

The Wilps family are winning souls to Christ and teaching others how to win souls

Please help the paraguayan people to hear the gospel and be saved.

Video of the ministry

Please watch Ministry video of Paraguay.

Please pray about supporting this ministry to Paraguay. Send financial support to Faith Baptist Church 1102 S. 51st St. Temple,TX 76504 Att# Mike Wilps Paraguay

Listen to Preaching

To listen to Brother Mike Wilps sermons 2017/2018

Souls saved by the blood of Christ.

Brother Enrique tells how he got saved. Souls saved in Paraguay.

The Wilps Family to Paraguay

We are the Wilps family

We are just sinners saved by grace. God has saved me and called me to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though I have fallen many times in my Christian life God's grace has always been there to forgive me and to lift me up again. I am unworthy to be called by God and to be used for Him, But He is worthy, to give Him my life and to surrender whatever He wants me to do. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, We should give our lives for Him.

My Beautiful wife Marcie is one of the greatest Christians I know. She loves God and me. I am so blessed to have a wife like her. I love you Marcie.

My Beautiful Family

My wife and six children and our new son in law. Please pray for us.

Please pray about supporting this ministry. Please send monthly support or donations to:

Faith Baptist Church 1102 S. 51st St. Temple, TX 76504 ATT# Mike Wilps Paraguay

You will receive monthly or Bi-monthly prayer letters about the ministry in Paraguay. If you have any question please write

Dani Leiva Salvation Testimony

Pastor Dani Leiva is Pastor of the Bible Baptist Church of San Lorenzo Paraguay. Led to Christ by missionary Mike Wilps

Ministries started by the Wilps Jr Family in Paraguay

The Wilps family has started Four Bible believing, Gospel preaching churches in Paraguay.

This has only happened because of the power of the Cross and your financial help to the ministry.

Started a church in Villeta Paraguay

Started a church in San Lorenzo Paraguay

Started a church in Villa Elisa Paraguay

Helped started a church in Luque Paraguay.

Luque es where Brother Nelson Gimenez is the associate pastor. He was my translator back in 2005 and trusted Christ as Saviour during this time. He was trained in the Bible Institute and is now working in Luque Paraguay.

Started a men's Bible Institute, teaching men the Word of God and how to be leaders in the ministry.

We have trained many men for Christ. Many of them are now pastors and leaders in the church.

All sinners can be forgiven

My son Michael, my daughter Delilah and I singing " The Drunk on the Street"

I am so glad God saves sinners. If He did not save sinners no one would be saved. The only people He saves are lost sinners. Every time we witness we need to find a soul who will admit they are lost and need salvation. Amen it's good to be saved!  

The church in Villa Elisa

Church in Villa Elisa

By God's grace we started a Church in the city of Villa Elisa, Paraguay.

God is doing great things in Villa Elisa

Many souls have been saved by the Grace of God. The church is going strong and many are involved to help keep the work going for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Church in Villa Elisa is now independent and has a national pastor.

The church in Villeta

Started our first church in Viletta

God has done great and miraculous  things with our first church in Villeta Paraguay. We have started 3 works out of this church. Its an amazing story how God accomplished this.

Many souls have been gloriously saved

The Church has grown and matured in many ways. I am excited about what God is doing. The church was started in 2005

God has saved and called many to preach

Because of your prayers and financial support we are able to obey God and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ saving men from Hell. Thank you!

Church in Luque

Brother Nelson Gimenez

Brother Nelson was saved and trained in our ministry. He is now an associate pastor in Luque with Pastor and missionary Sherwin Ramos.

The Ramos Family

The Ramos family missionaries to Paraguay, Pastor of the Church in Luque and Nelson is helping him in the work. Pray for them as they preach the gospel in Paraguay.

Nelson has been with me since 2005. He was one of our first preachers for the honor and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Nelson for your faithfulness to the Lord.

Church of San Lorenzo

Pastor Dani Leiva

Our second church we started in San Lorenzo

Please pray for Pastor Dani

They are doing a good work in the city of San Lorenzo. San Lorenzo is a Big city in need of a Saviour. Please pray that God uses this church to win many souls to Christ.

Men need to come to Jesus christ to be saved

Does not matter where you are in life, It does not matter what sins you have comitted if you repent and trust Jesus from your heart as Saviour He will save you. If your saved and you have sinned and fallen away, come back to Jesus He will clean you, recieve you and use you again!

Men in the Bible Institute

In this video you will see the men in the Bible Institute very excited and emotional about them being saved from hell. 

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Paraguay for Jesus